租用场地申请表 (放映室/多用途室)
Application For Booking (Theatre / Multi-function Room)
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* 为必须填写
注意 Important Notes

(1) 渔农自然护理署保留一切拒绝这项申请的权利。

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department reserves all right to refuse this booking application.

(2) 申请人在提交申请表时,即被视为已阅读及同意香港湿地公园放映室及多用途室的租用场地安排及租用条款。

When applicant submits the booking application form, he is deemed to have read and agreed to the Booking Arrangements and all Terms and Conditions of Hire of the Theatre and Multi-function Room of the Hong Kong Wetland Park.

(3) 所有在香港湿地公园放映室及多用途室内举行的活动,必须与自然保育或教育有关或本公园认为适合的其他项目。

All activities to be held at the Theatre and Multi-function Room of the Hong Kong Wetland Park should be relating to issues on conservation, education on conservation or other issues considered appropriate by the Hong Kong Wetland Park.

(4) 申请人必须提供足够证明文件作申请之用。

Applicant shall provide adequate documentary proof for booking application.

(5) 如举办的活动属于《电影检查条例》所界定的电影公映活动,租用人必须由电影检查监督评定级别或决定能否获得豁免评级,详情可参阅「怎样申请影片、包装物或宣传资料核准」单张。此外,倘其他条例(例如《淫亵及不雅物品管制条例》或《简易程序治罪条例》)的有关条文适用于申请人举办的活动,则申请人亦须遵守。

For events involving public exhibition of films as defined under the Film Censorship Ordinance, classification or exemption is required from the Film Censorship Authority. Please see the information leaflet on "How to Apply for Approval for Film, Packaging or Advertising Material". Applicant should also note that he needs to comply with any requirements set out in other Ordinances as may be applicable to their event(s), such as the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance and the Summary Offences Ordinance.

第一部分 PART I
团体名称 (注册名称) Name of organization (Registered name)*
团体性质 Nature of organization*
填写下面的输入栏 *
团体地址 Address of organization*
电邮 E-mail*
申请人姓名 Name of applicant
英文 English*
中文 Chinese*
称谓 Title*
申请人职位 Post of applicant*
电话号码 Telephone No.*
传真号码 Fax No.
有关此租用场地申请之往来文件一律寄交 (请只择其一)
Correspondence concerning this application to be sent to (Please choose ONE only)*
第二部分 PART II

放映室租金 Rent of Theatre: 每小时 490 元 $490/hour

多用途室租金 Rent of Multi-funtion Room: 每小时 155 元 $155/hour

拟租用场地 Unit required*

申请日期和时间 (租用时间以每小时计算,最少1小时,场地布置、准备及清场时间亦包括在内)

Date(s) and time required (Booking time is on hourly basis with minimum 1 hour, including time of set up, preparation and move out)

第一选择 1st Choice
日期 Date*
时间 Time*
第二选择 2nd Choice
日期 Date*
时间 Time*
活动名称 Name of event
中文 Chinese*
英文 English
活动性质 Nature of event*
活动详情 (例如主题、剧目、节目及表演者 / 讲者姓名等。倘有详细活动程序表,请提供。)
Details of event (e.g. theme, title, programmes and name of speakers, etc. Please provide an event rundown if available.)*
活动参加人数 No. of participants*
节目开始时间 Commencement time of event*
参与活动费用 (如有) Participation fee (if any)
这项活动 The event is*
合办机构 (如适用) Name of co-presenters (if any)
赞助机构 (如适用) Name of sponsors (if any)
第四部分 Part IV
负责活动细节安排的联络人 Person to contact regarding arrangement of the event
联络人姓名 Name of contact person
英文 English
中文 Chinese
称谓 Title:
地址 Address
电邮 E-mail
电话号码 Telephone No.
传真号码 Fax No.
第五部分 Part V

上载证明文件 Upload certification / licence document(s)

接受档案格式 / Accept file format: PDF

(大少不多于 / Size up to: 5.0 MB)

所代表团体的印鉴 Chop of organization represented*
商业登记证 Business registration certificate
社团注册证明书 Societies registration licence
机构章程或组织章程大纲及章程细则 Constitutions or Memorandum and Articles of Association
香港湿地公园所须指定的任何其他文件 Any other documents specified by the HKWP

个人资料(私隐)收集声明 Personal data collection statement:

1. 阁下于表格内所提供之个人资料只作处理申请之用。 The personal data provided will be used for the purpose of the application only.

2. 根据个人资料 (私隐)条例第 18, 22 及附表一的第六原则,阁下有权要求查问及更正表格内所提供的个人资料。 You have the right to request access to and the correction of personal data in this form in accordance with Sections 18 and 22 Principle 6 of Schedule 1 to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

备注 Remarks

请将填妥的申请表格连同有关证明文件以电邮、传真或邮寄方式送交香港湿地公园 (经办人:营运经理)

Completed application forms with supporting documents should reach the Hong Kong Wetland Park by email, fax or post (Attn: Wetland Park Manager / Operation) 

查询电话 Telephone enquiry3152 2666

传真 Fax: 2617 1158

电邮 Email: info@wetlandpark.gov.hk

网址 Websitewww.wetlandpark.gov.hk


Booking Arrangements


放映室 Theatre

多用途室 Multi-function Room


Hire Charges


HK$490 per hour


(on hourly basis including equipped facilities.)


HK$155 per hour


(on hourly basis including equipped facilities.)


Seating Capacity


207 seats and 3 wheelchair seats



Equipped Facilities

(*视乎情况提供 depends on availability)


Chairs, baby booster seats, projector and screen, wireless microphones, lectern, and table*


Chairs, projector and screen, table*, white board* and marker*


Benches, table*, white board* and marker*

租用时间 Booking Time

每日上午十时至下午五时 (注意逢星期二 (公众假期除外) 场地并不向外租借)

10:00 am - 5:00 pm daily (Note: The venues are NOT available for hire on Tuesdays (except Public Holidays))

申请租用场地 Booking


Booking applications are accepted not less than 1 month but not more than 3 months prior to the first day of hire and processed on a first come, first served basis.

请将填妥的申请表格连同有关证明文件以电邮或传真方式送交香港湿地公园  (经办人:营运经理) 。

Completed application forms with supporting documents should reach the HKWP by email, or fax (Attn: Wetland Park Manager / Operation).


Applications received will only be considered subject to operation feasibility and in accordance with the criteria of booking application. A formal reply will be provided within 14 working days thereafter.

用途 Purpose


All activities to be held at the Theater and Multi-function Rooms of the HKWP should be relating to issues on conservation, education on conservation or other issues considered appropriate by the HKWP.

证明文件 Supporting Documents


For submission of booking application, applicant may need to provide copies of:

1. 商业登记证或按《公司条例》发出的公司注册证书,或

   1. Certification of Business Registration or Incorporation under the Companies Ordinance, or

2. 社团成立通知,或

   2. Notification of Establishment of Society, or

3. 按《社团条例》发出的注册证书,或

   3. Certification of Registration under the Societies Ordinance, or

4. 机构章程或组织章程大纲及章程细则,或

   4. Constitutions or Memorandum and Articles of Association, or

5. 香港湿地公园所须指定的任何其他文件。

   5. Any other documents specified by the HKWP.


The HKWP may reject applications which fail to provide necessary information and/ or supporting documents.

租用人须知 Notice to Hirer

1. 租用人须遵守香港湿地公园放映室及多用途室的租用条款。

   1. Hirer shall adhere the Terms & Conditions of the Hire of the HKWP

2. 租用人不许在场内进行任何销售或商业活动。

   2. No sales of merchandise or commercial activities are allowed.

3. 租用人不许在放映室及多用途室内饮食。

   3. No eating or drinking is allowed in Theatre and Multi-function Room.

4. 当申请获批后,租用人须在指定限期前缴交租用费及有关举行公众集会、公开演说或在公众集会上致辞所需的许可证费用-港币520 元(如适用者)。租用人须依照公园发出之政府缴款单所述的付款方法缴付有关款项。如期限已届而公园仍未收到应缴款项,则假定租用人撤回租用申请,并会即时把场地另行编配予其他租用人。

   4. For successful application, hirer shall pay the Hire Charges and Permit Fee of HK$520 for holding public meeting or making public speech (if required) to the HKWP before the deadline. Payments can be settled by mean of demand note. If the payment remains outstanding after the deadline, it is assumed that this booking is no longer required and the booking slot will be released to other applicants accordingly.

5. 任何人士包括租用团体的工作人员、代理人及活动参与者如进入公园,均须购买适当的门票。详情请浏览网页 https://www.wetlandpark.gov.hk/tc/information/ticketing

   5. Any person entering HKWP including hirer’s working staff, agents and participants should pay for admission fee. Please visit https://www.wetlandpark.gov.hk/tc/information/ticketing for details.

6. 与租用人活动有关的车辆只可停泊在停车场,并须缴付停车场费,每小时港币8 元。

   6. Parking of vehicles for hirer’s activities is only allowed in HKWP car park and parking fee of HK$8/hour is required.

7. 香港湿地公园保留一切拒绝租用场地申请的权利。

   7. Hong Kong Wetland Park reserves all the rights to reject booking application.

传真Fax:2617 1158